But I don’t even feel thirty

I turned thirty six this year. It’s weird seeing those numbers and associating them with my age.

I don’t feel thirty six. I don’t feel like I am even in my thirties.  I work with a lot of people much younger than me and we all tend to look and act pretty age similar.

It’s an odd thing to look at my age and feel uncomfortable sharing it, yet at times I have mixed emotions when people say they thought I was much younger.

Everyone has those days when they just. can’t. adult. I especially have days where video games and a popsicle for dinner sounds much more rewarding than anything a more adulting person would be doing.

What is 36 supposed to look like or feel like?

Gisele Bundchen is thirty six, she’s still strutting for Victoria Secret.


Laura Prepon is also thirty six.

Both women are beautiful. I may not be a model or actress however I think I could stand next to them and feel like I’ve aged pretty similarly.


Here I am at thirty six, with pink hair adding to the not-looking-my-age factor.

Sure I may not look my age, but I’ve learned from these three decades and I have the scars to prove it. However I still ask myself if I died tomorrow what would I regret most?

About six years ago a former coworker of mine died suddenly at the age of thirty three. His death made me think like I never had before about living my life to the fullest. I made a bucket list and knocked a few things off it in hopes of accomplishing some goals.

Then life happened, I got caught up in it as usual and the bucket list fell to the wayside.  Over the last six years my husband and I have accomplished lots of things that weren’t on my bucket list and forgot about the rest.

Some of our goals have changed, some of our wishes remain. Any bucket list should evolve and become a working piece of art that helps your life. I am adjusting our list and will be adding posts to the Bucket List category as we go and editing my master list.

I encourage you to build your own and live each day like it may be your last. Here’s a great read for some ideas to get started.

In the meantime one thing I have learned in my thirty six years is that everything is better if you enjoy it. If you’re not enjoying it, then fix what you’re doing. Your own happiness is your own responsibility.


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